The Winklevoss Twins, Bitcoin Billionaires



winklevoss twins

Who Are They?

Well-known as co-founders of Facebook who, after falling out with Mark Zuckerberg, went on to invest big in Bitcoin.

The twins reportedly own around 70,000 Bitcoin and invest in various other projects through Winklevoss Capital. They run a crypto exchange called Gemini where you can trade and store cryptocurrencies.

Why Are They Worth Following?

They saw the potential early and bet big. Given their high media profile and venture capital investment activity, their opinions carry significant weight.

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There’s a very interesting biography called Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story Of Genius, Betrayal and Redemption. This isn’t an affiliate link, it’s a genuine recommendation. This book, besides being a riveting read, teaches you a lot about Bitcoin.

Bulls Or Bears?

Bitcoin bulls.


“We think bitcoin is gold 2.0. It will disrupt gold so its market cap has to be $10 trillion or more, because that’s the market cap of gold. Bitcoin is hovering around $1 trillion, we think conservatively it’s at least a 10x from here. Even at $35,000 it feels like a really good buying opportunity long-term” June 5, 2021

We’ll keep track of their predictions as they make them.