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I’m into:

  • Writing about crypto in Plain English.
  • Spotting the rising trends.
  • Researching the crypto ecosystem.

I started this site to help people make sense of cryptocurrencies.

When I first looked into crypto, the problem I had was that many of the crypto commentators I came across assumed prior knowledge, so much so that I had to keep looking up the meaning of the terminology they used, pretty much every sentence!

I hope this site makes sense. If anything is confusing, drop me a line and I’ll fix it.

I also wanted to stay on top of the latest opportunities rather than discover things six months late. So, once you’ve learned the basics I’ll help you discover the most interesting upcoming trends, the thought leaders worth following, and the latest projects.

Here’s what I cover:

I’ve just soft-launched this site, so if some things don’t look finished yet it’s because they ‘aint. Yet. They will be soon.

Thanks for visiting.

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Disclosure: I own some of the cryptocurrencies mentioned on this site, but not all.

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